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Omaha Steaks specials, deals, and coupons: How to save now

Omaha Steaks specials
(Image credit: Omaha Steaks)

Launched in 1917, Omaha Steaks is renowned for its signature steaks and gourmet burgers. Omaha Steaks specials are also easy to find, since the retailer frequently offers steep price cuts on everything from premium burgers to jumbo franks.

The coronavirus pandemic has made it harder to shop for meat. Long supermarket lines, processing plant closures, and sporadic shortages throughout the country are common these days. To help with your online food shopping, we're gathering the best Omaha Steaks specials and Omaha Steaks deals so you can shop online and save some money.  

If you've never shopped at Omaha Steaks, the first thing you should do is enroll in their email list, which will earn you 10% off your first order. Before you place that order, make sure to also join the Steaklover Rewards program. It's free and you'll earn rewards you can use toward purchases. 

Also, make sure to frequent the Omaha Steaks Coupons page. This promo page lists the week's best Omaha Steaks specials and Omaha Steaks deal of the day. 

Best Omaha Steaks specials, deals, and coupons

Pork & Bacon Burgers: was $29 now $19 @ Omaha Steaks
These burgers are a blend of hickory-smoked bacon and premium pork. You get eight 5.3-ounce burgers for just $19.99. Each burger is flash frozen and individually sealed to maintain freshness.  View Deal

Brisket Burgers: was $65 now $21 @ Omaha Steaks
Omaha Steaks' brisket burgers are 80/20 lean-to-fat ratio. The 6-ounce burgers are vacuum sealed and ready to grill from frozen. View Deal

Chicken Fajita Kit: $25 @ Omaha Steaks
The Omaha Steaks Chicken Fajita Kit includes four boneless chicken breasts (1 lb.) and a fajita kit, which includes tortillas, pre-cut veggies, and instructions on how to make the fajitas. View Deal

Sockeye Salmon: was $79 now $39 @ Omaha Steaks
Opt for four 6-ounce Sockeye salmon fillets and you'll pay just $39.99. That's 50% off buying each fillet individually. The wild-caught Sockeye salmon is certified for sustainability and safety. View Deal

Classic Omaha Steaks: was $286 now $139 @ Omaha Steaks
This steak bundle includes 32 items total. You get four 5-ounce bacon-wrapped filet mignons, four 5-ounce top sirloins, four boneless chicken breasts, eight 4-ounce Omaha steak burgers, and much more. It's 52% off. View Deal

Butcher's Bundle: was $379 now $169 @ Omaha Steaks
The Butcher's Bundle includes 42 items total. They range from filet mignons and top sirloin to jumbo franks and all-beef meatballs. This bundle is 56% off. View Deal

Seafood Favorites: was $241 now $139 @ Omaha Steaks
The seafood favorites bundle includes 11 items total. You'll get four 6-ounce wild sockeye salmon fillets, four 6-ounce marinated salmon fillets, 2lbs of coconut shrimp, and more. View Deal

Seafood Bundle: was $219 now $149 @ Omaha Steaks
Steaks aren't the only protein at Omaha Steaks. The retailers also has a large seafood selection. This Seafood Favorites Bundle includes 12 total items. It features four split lobster tail skewers, four stuffed sole with shrimp fried rice, one 8-ounce package of bacon-wrapped pepper jack shrimp, and more. This bundle is 32% off. View Deal