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Apple AirPods Studio release date, price, features and more

airpods studio
(Image credit: Jon Prosser/@CConceptCreator)

The AirPods Studio could be the new wireless headphones to beat, if recent rumors are any indication. Apple is tipped to be working on a high-end set of cans that could give the best noise-cancelling headphones a serious run for their money.

Apple already dominates the wireless earbuds market with its highly popular AirPods and AirPods Pro, but a dedicated pair of premium cans could help it compete with the likes of the Bose 700 — and the excellent new Sony WH-1000xM4.

Apple has yet to officially reveal the AirPods Studio, but they could launch as soon as this fall alongside the iPhone 12 and Apple Watch 6. Here’s everything we know so far about the AirPods Studio, including its expected price, release date, features and more.

AirPods Studio release date 

The AirPods Studio have been tipped to launch as soon as this year, but its actual release date is still a point of contention. Noted leaker Jon Prosser once suggested the headphones would launch at Apple's WWDC conference in June, but that never came to pass, as the event focused solely on new software like iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur.

A June video from EverythingApplePro adds more weight to the possibility of an imminent launch. Citing reliable leaker Max Weinbach, the video claims that the AirPods Studio firmware is finished, and ready to be implemented in production units of the upcoming cans.

Apple is expected to have its usual fall product event to unveil the iPhone 12, but the company noted that it will come later than usual due to complications caused by the global pandemic. So if an AirPods Studio reveal is coming, we may not see it until October or November at the earliest. 

A new tidbit of information has the AirPods Studio tipped for a quiet launch on September 8. Apple will apparently just announce the over-ear headphones in a press release rather than at a major launch event. Apple has done this in the past, so  such a launch wouldn't be too strange, but we'd have expected Apple to make a song-and-dance about its first proper over-ear headphones. 

Speaking of a quiet launch, another leaker has claimed the AirPods Studio will launch today (September 8), alongside the Apple Watch 6 and iPad Air 4. And the leaker also noted that Apple will simply push out the news in the form of a press release. We're a little skeptical, but time will very shortly tell.  

AirPods Studio price 

According to reliable Apple leaker Jon Prosser, the AirPods Studio will cost $349. That would undercut the popular Bose 700 by $399, and match the MSRP of the Sony WH-1000XM3.  

The AirPods Pro cost $249, which are among the best wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation built in. A $100 jump to the AirPods Studio would seem reasonable and in line with other over-ear noise cancelling headphones.

AirPods Studio features and specs

AirPods Studio

(Image credit: Curved)

The AirPods Studio are tipped to feature active noise-cancellation as well as a Transparency mode for hearing the world around you, similar to the AirPods Pro. But here’s where they could really stand out.

According to a report in 9to5Mac, the AirPods Studio will feature head and neck detection. So playback could be automatically paused when you place the headphones on your neck and automatically resume when you put them back on your head.

In addition, the AirPods Studio will reportedly feature automatic ear detection, which would automatically route audio to the correct ear. In other words, there would be no wrong way to wear the headphones.

In a first for Apple headphones, 9to5Mac also reports that the AirPods Studio will have a custom equalizer. This would be available on iOS devices and Mac computers, with low, medium and high frequency adjustments.

The AirPods Studio are also expected to have the same pairing tech as the AirPods Pro (which means the H1 chip may return), as well as touch controls and Siri support. 

AirPods Studio design

In terms of design, Bloomberg claims that the headphones will have a “retro look” with swiveling earcups and metallic arms. In a fuzzy-looking video that just leaked out, we could see fixtures that resemble those for swiveling earcups.

Jon Prosser tweeted out 5 design details, including that they'll have no headphone jack — but there's a USB-C port — and that they will be made out of "High quality leather [and] metal." He also included 5 renders, created in collaboration with @cconceptcreator.

More important, Apple’s new headphones will feature swappable ear pads, allowing owners to “customize their headphones like they do with Apple Watch.” 

This could theoretically let you swap in a specific pair of pads for working out, and then switch to a more comfort-focused fit when relaxing at home. Bloomberg also notes that the headphones may be sold in a premium leather variation as well as a more fitness-minded configuration.

A new patent from Apple suggests that the AirPods Studio could have a design that's both both "circumaural" — which covers the external part of the ear — and "supra-aural," which rest on the ears without covering them completely. Such a design would seemingly tread the line between noise isolation and avoiding bulky earcans. The patent also hints at a design that would allow the AirPods Studio to be easily folded away in a bag or carry case. 

AirPods Studio: What we want 

With noise cancellation and swappable earcups for a Bose-beating price, the AirPods Studio could be a hit. But we’d like to see the headphones to get these features to truly compete with the best headphones out there.

Great battery life: Apple’s AirPods earbuds have a history of relatively low battery life compared to the competition (usually lasting around 5 hours), so we’d like to see the AirPods Studio step things up. The Bose 700 is rated for 20 hours, so we’re hoping the AirPods Studio can at least match that.

Transparency mode: Transparency mode is one of the AirPods Pro’s best features, allowing you to let in noise from the outside world with a quick press. This feature would be a natural fit for the AirPods Studio, and could rival the Full Transparency mode found on the Bose 700.

Companion app and customization: Bose and Sony offer companion apps for their headphones loaded with sound customization features, which would make a great compliment to the AirPods Studio. We already expect the headphones to have plenty of physical customization -- a tweakable EQ for audiophiles would make them even better.

Even better microphones: As good as the AirPods Pro are, using them for conference calls can be a pain, as we've found that we have to speak loudly in order to be heard clearly. The AirPods Studio will hopefully feature stronger mics for better voice performance.