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Android Q Is Now Android 10 — And There's No Room for Dessert

We can all put the Android Q dessert guessing games to an end. It turns out Google won't name the 10th iteration of its mobile OS after a sweet treat after all.

(Image credit: Google)

Mountain View confirmed today (Aug. 22) that Android Q's final moniker will simply be "Android 10." The new naming convention accompanies a minor rebranding for the platform, where the wordmark, bugdroid character and color scheme have each been slightly tweaked.

Google released a minute-long video illustrating the changes. The company calls this "the next evolution of Android," though that's putting it a bit strong — the changes in Android Q/10 probably won't be particularly noticeable unless you've been following Android's development closely over the years.

The driving factor behind the new name and look appears to be accessibility. Apparently, the dessert scheme didn't play well in certain countries and languages, where people either couldn't pronounce the names of the confections, or didn't know what they were. Additionally, the particular shade of lime green that adorned the Android mascot and wordmark up until now was challenging for some people to read — especially anyone with colorblindness.

In an effort to make the robot more expressive, the character has been reduced to just a face. The color palette now includes shades of blue, as well as orange and chartreuse, while the new font is a bit slimmer and more professional — sort of like the Product Sans typeface Google has been using as of late across its Pixel phones and numerous services.

Interestingly, it appears Google will continue to label new versions of Android according to desserts internally, according to Android Police's David Ruddock. Android 10 was apparently classified as "Android Queen Cake" during development within Google. That sounds quite awkward to be honest; perhaps it's for the better that the desserts are dead.

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Google says the refresh will begin surfacing in consumer devices following the final release of Android 10 in the coming weeks. We're getting quite close to the big update, which includes new features like a system-wide Dark Theme, revised sharing interface, new location and privacy controls and other enhancements. For a deeper look at the OS, be sure to visit our Android 10 hub.

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