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Amazon tipped for huge PS5 restock — here’s when it's coming

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Amazon may be planning a significant drop of PS5 stock in the coming days, offering gamers who are still trying to secure a next-gen PlayStation a fresh opportunity to beat the scalper bots. 

If @PS5StockAlertUK is to be believed then Amazon is expecting to receive a shipment of around 8K consoles over the weekend. According to the PS5 tracking account, this would be a sizeable increase from previous stock drops, which have seen the online retailer offer less than 5K units at a time.

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Now, typically we’d not put much faith in unsubstantiated claims about PS5 shipments, especially after a number of false dawns in the past. However, this account is one of the biggest PS5 stock trackers in the UK and has a proven record of being on the money about the stock situations at various retailers. 

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While we’d still advise caution, and certainly aren’t taking these claims as full confirmation, it would make sense given that Amazon hasn’t restocked the console now for a couple of weeks while competing retailers including Game, Argos, and Very have done so recently.

It definitely seems like Amazon will be dropping PS5 stock sooner rather than later, assuming it continues to follow the pattern of restocking every few weeks. This latest restock could potentially give a large number of gamers the chance to finally get themselves a PS5.

We’re tracking PS5 restocks across a wide variety of retailers in our where to buy a PS5 hub, so be sure to keep checking back for the latest stock information as we get it.

How to buy a PS5 at Amazon 

Even if Amazon does restock the PS5 next week, there will be an army of scalper bots waiting to snap up the stock and ruin the fun for everyone. 

You need to be prepared, and while there isn’t a guaranteed formula for success when it comes to getting your hands on a PS5, there are a few things you can do to tip the odds in your favor. 

Firstly, make sure you have an Amazon account ahead of time. This sounds like an obvious thing to say, but if your address and payment information isn’t pre-saved then you’ve got very little chance of securing a PS5. 

Getting the stock into your basket is only half the battle. You’ll need to race through checkout before the console sells out, and if you’re stuck entering your postcode and card info then the PS5 will be gone by the time you’re ready to hit “confirm order." 

Feel free to sign up to Amazon Prime if you want faster postage, but don’t expect it to give you a leg up — Amazon doesn’t prioritize Prime members when it comes to PS5 restocks, so a subscription won’t help you there. 

There is a slightly odd Amazon trick that has been doing the rounds lately. This requires you to place the console in your wish list ahead of time, and then when it’s restocked you can place it into your basket from there. This lets you bypass the product listing page, which always crashes during restock windows. 

Doing this trick allows you to get stock in your basket the minute it goes live, and in a race where every single second counts that’s a huge advantage; it could be the difference between getting a PS5 order confirmation email and getting nothing but disappointment. 

You can add the PS5 to your wish list even when the console is sold out, so make sure you’ve done that ahead of time. Trying to add the PS5 to your wish list during a PS5 restock itself won’t yield any joy, as the listing page will error out. 

We tested this method ourselves during an Xbox Series X restock and can confirm it works. We managed to get the Series X in our basket four times from our wish list, whereas we couldn’t get it in our basket even once through the listing page. 

This trick is by no means a guarantee you’ll get a console in the next restock, but it’s a way of giving yourself a leg up over the competition, who will be stuck endlessly refreshing the listing page while you’re completing the checkout process.