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Amazon Prime Day 2020 date revealed — and it's much later than we thought

Amazon Prime Day
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The coronavirus pandemic has upended Amazon in numerous ways. Earlier this spring, there were strong rumors that Amazon Prime Day would be pushed to late summer, the Wall Street Journal now reports that Prime Day will occur in September.

Amazon's two-day sales-a-thon, which normally takes place in mid July, will move to the fall due to the surge in consumer demand Amazon has experienced these past few months. Since the pandemic began, Amazon has suspended and reactivated Prime Pantry, temporarily suspended Amazon Shipping, and turned Whole Foods stores into distribution centers for its online grocery orders. The e-tailer has struggled with the unprecedented number of orders it's received as shoppers — looking to avoid leaving their homes — make all of their purchases online. 

By moving Prime Day to September, the company also gives itself more time to stock its warehouses with nonessential goods, which it had temporarily halted at the start of the pandemic. 

Since March, Amazon has hired an additional 100,000 workers to help meet the surge it experienced in online purchases. In addition, it said it would invest more than $350 million to support employees and partners during the COVID-19 crisis. Last month, the e-commerce giant said it would hire an extra 75,000 workers in addition to the 100,000 has already hired.  

In previous years, Amazon has typically announced its official Prime Day date in June. So it's likely Amazon will announce its Prime Day 2020 date later next month.