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Adobe Illustrator for iPadOS Coming Right After Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop CC for iPadOS (Image credit: Adobe)

Adobe is betting a lot on the iPad. After announcing Photoshop CC for iPad back on its October 2018 Adobe Max event, the San Jose-based company is getting ready to announce the other must-have art package: Illustrator.

According to Bloomberg, Adobe will preview the application on the iPad Pro at its Max conference in November. It hopes to launch it in 2020. Illustrator is a vector-based illustration software that became the industry’s golden standard after the demise of Macromedia Freehand — which ended its development in 2003 and was bought by Adobe in 2005.

Along with Photoshop, the release of Illustrator will turn the iPad Pro into a serious laptop alternative to for artists. Adobe is also planning to release another professional artist app soon, a painting tool called Fresco that is similar to the popular ProCreate.

Photoshop for iPad disappoints users

Photoshop is still in beta and is expected to be released before the end of the year, perhaps getting officially launched at the same Max conference. It’s yet to be seen how Photoshop CC will evolve with the iPadOS platform. While the application shares the same codebase of the MacOS and Windows-based Photoshop, its first incarnation will be missing quite a bit of its core functionality. Users of the beta are not happy about this.

Adobe’s chief Creative Cloud product officer Scott Belsky explained why Photoshop for iPadOS — which was initially billed as “full Photoshop” — will have limited functionality, but this will change: "[l]aunching every single feature that was accumulated over 25 years on the iPad on day one would not best serve our customers and the needs they have. I want to say it's the best product in the world for specific workflows and not have to apologize that it's not full because that's not what the customer needs."

Apple fan John Gruber echoed Belsky in a recent article, claiming that Adobe is “all in” when it comes to bringing Photoshop to Apple’s tablet: “[Adobe views] it as a serious, top-shelf project for creative professionals. The team of engineers working on it has grown significantly from a year ago, and they have plans to add features iteratively on an aggressive schedule."