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6 things to buy ahead of Black Friday

Black Friday sales
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The holiday shopping season is officially here. Retailers from Amazon to Verizon are offering sales with some of the lowest pricing we've seen all year. Many retailers have also started labeling their November promos as Black Friday deals

As we all know, Black Friday is not a one-day event anymore. It hasn't been for the past few years. However, 2020 is the first time that retailers are offering legit Black Friday-like pricing ahead of Thanksgiving week. While that's great for bargain hunters and early shoppers, it could also lead to buyer's remorse if you purchase something now and see it on sale for less in the coming days. 

So we're rounding up six items we think you should buy now ahead of Black Friday. These are devices we predict will not go on sale or will not get significantly cheaper on Black Friday.  

Budget 4K TVs

Onn 4K Roku TV

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Walmart Black Friday deals kicked off last week with some epic savings on 4K TVs. The highlight of Walmart's sale included an Onn 42-inch 4K Roku TV for just $88. (It sold out within minutes). We've been covering Black Friday sales for over a decade at Tom's Guide and no TV sale has ever come close to that price. And it's not just Walmart offering these epic TV deals. Best Buy, Amazon, and Target are all offering really cheap 4K TVs with prices that start at or under $100. If you're looking for a cheap TV for your living room, bedroom, or a child's room — buy it now knowing that prices will not get significantly cheaper. However, if you're looking for deals on premium TVs — from the likes of Samsung or Sony — then we recommend holding off. Premium TVs will get cheaper as we get closer to Black Friday. Just today we spotted the first $899 OLED TV deal.

Why you should buy now: Simply put, TVs cannot get any cheaper than $88. And if they do — it's a deal that'll sell out in the blink of an eye. 

Workout equipment


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Ever since the pandemic started, workout equipment has been near-impossible to find online. From dumbbells to yoga mats, gym-goers have been snatching up the best home gym equipment the minute it hits store shelves. As a result, we don't think home gym gear will get any cheaper on Black Friday. In fact, it might be harder to find due to the fact that COVID-19 infections are on the rise. Furthermore, certain states may face new lockdowns, which would force gyms to close yet again. So whatever gym equipment you find online now, may be gone before you know it. 

Why you should buy now: Finding exercise gear has become a workout in and of itself. If you find an item that's on your shopping list — buy it. Chances are other people want it as well and if you wait for Black Friday, you run the risk of it being out of stock. 

Gaming consoles


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The future of console gaming has arrived! Both the Xbox Series X and PS5 will go on sale on November 10 and November 12, respectively. However, finding either console in stock will be near-impossible. Shoot for that pre-order now (if you can find one) or test your luck on launch day because your chances of finding Black Friday PS5 deals or Black Friday Xbox Series X deals will be zero to none. Retailers know these consoles are in high demand and therefore have no incentive to discount them. That said, there's always that one retailer who likes to buck the trend and may offer a good bundle deal on one of the new consoles. But rest assured that everyone on the planet will be vying for that bundle deal so your chances of getting it are razor thin. As for the Nintendo Switch, finding the console in stock has become easier. But again, retailers will likely not offer any significant price cuts on the Switch. Switch accessories and games, on the other hand, will likely be on sale. 

Why you should buy now: Previous Black Fridays have shown us that new consoles sell out rapidly over the holidays. So don't wait for deals on Black Friday because you likely won't see any. In the small chance that you do, it'll likely sell out before you smash that mouse button. Make sure to follow our where to buy PS5 and where to buy Xbox Series X coverage for help finding these consoles in stock.  


AirPods Pro

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No Apple product has ever been as discounted as the AirPods. Since their launch, AirPods sales have been easy to find and stock has never been a major issue. Currently, AirPods Black Friday deals are at the lowest price ever. You can get the AirPods at Amazon for $99 ($60 off) or the AirPods Pro for $194 ($55 off). These are some of the best Apple deals of all time and it doesn't make sense to wait for them to get cheaper because they've already hit rock bottom. 

Why you should buy now: The AirPods and AirPods Pro are an amazing steal at $99 and $194, respectively. If their price drops lower, it won't be significant, which means any buyer's remorse will be limited. 

Face masks

Face masks

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The second wave of COVID-19 has unfortunately arrived and that means face masks will once again in high demand. As a result, buying some face masks now and having them shipped to you ASAP is a good idea. While we do expect to see face mask deals on Black Friday, waiting till November 27 to stock up on masks means that you run the risk of hitting shipping delays or low face mask inventory. You can avoid all of that right now since they're in stock. 

Why you should buy now: Practically every retailer makes face masks these days, but as we enter the second coronavirus wave, there's the chance some retailers may run out of stock. Get your masks now and avoid any inventory or shipping deals. Make sure to follow our where to buy face masks coverage for the latest deals.

Smart speakers

Echo Dot

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Amazon has the Echo Dot on sale for $18.99. It's been at that price since Prime Day. While it could get cheaper on Black Friday, it probably won't be dramatically cheaper. In fact, unless you're holding off for deals on Amazon's new devices — like the Echo Dot 4th Gen — we recommend buying any Alexa-powered devices now. Currently, Amazon has numerous smart devices on sale from $9. Some of them are starting to run low on inventory, which means come Thanksgiving Day — the shipping delays could push your delivery well into mid-December. 

Why you should buy now: Practically every smart speaker is on sale right now. (With the exception of newer devices). Unless you specifically want one of the current-gen devices, there's no reason to wait a few days for lower prices. 

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