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How to download Adobe Illustrator

How to download Adobe Illustrator
(Image credit: Adobe)

Adobe Illustrator CC is the perfect choice for creators who want to produce beautiful images. Part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite, Illustrator lets you create stunning vector graphics, drawings, edits, collages and so much more. 

With Illustrator installed on your PC or Mac, you’ll have access to a vast array of brushes, drawing tools, gradient effects, color processing tools, special effects, and filters. It’s a must-have for creative professionals or people looking to up their graphic design game. 

Here’s where you can download Adobe Illustrator CC and what you can expect to do with this graphics creation software.

Where to download Adobe Illustrator

Don’t expect to be able to download Adobe Illustrator for free. There’s a 30-day trial period and then you have to buy a subscription. A subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud featuring Adobe Illustrator starts at $20.99 a month. That cost just covers Illustrator — to get the full suite, you’ll need to pay $52.99 a month.

To download Adobe Illustrator CC, head to the Adobe website, where you’ll have the option of subscribing to the complete Adobe Creative Cloud suite or just paying for Illustrator. Adobe is available for both macOS and Windows. 

  • Adobe Illustrator CC for macOS and Windows: Adobe

On the mobile side of things, Adobe offers Adobe Illustrator Draw. This app is perfect for vector artists who need an on-the-go drawing option.  

Adobe Illustrator Draw provides customizable brushes for creatives to draw, edit and style their art. Other features include shape stencils and speech bubbles. Adobe Illustrator Draw even allows you to create 8k sized canvases perfect for your large projects. The app works on both Android and iOS.

The mobile apps are free to download, though you’ll need to register with Adobe. 

What you can do with Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Illustrator Draw are the perfect drawing  and vector graphics tools for all types of media. Adobe Illustrator CC can produce artwork with pixel-perfect accuracy. It helps artists and many designers create faster, as many templates and presets are available through the app. 

Furthermore, Adobe Illustrator is compatible with other Adobe products such as Photoshop, allowing you to open projects from other design tools and work on them from within Illustrator.