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Game PS5 restock is now over — where to check for inventory next

PS5 restock
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Update: The latest Game PS5 restock is now over. Check our PS5 restock hub for the latest stock information and for which retailers to check for inventory next. 

Game (opens in new tab), the biggest gaming retailer in the U.K., is holding a PS5 restock right now. If you're still on the hunt for a next-gen PlayStation this could be an excellent opportunity to get your hands on one. 

The retailer will almost certainly have very limited PS5 stock, so if you want to ensure you received an order confirmation email rather than the dread "sold out" message then you'll need to be quick. 

PS5: from £450 @ Game (opens in new tab)
Game has reopened its PS5 order queue this morning. Bundles are your best bet as the stock of the standalone console is unlikely to be available. Be quick as the stock won't stick around for long. 

Game confirmed this restock with a tweet (opens in new tab), announcing that a fresh drop of Sony's in-demand console would be taking place "this morning". An exact time was confirmed at the time, but the stock first dropped at 10 a.m. BST. 

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The post also confirms that the PS5 console will be available in bundles rather than as a standalone unit. However, this isn't a great surprise as Game has primarily sold the console in bundles since its launch last November. 

There is a virtual queue system in place to keep the website stable in the face of what will surely be thousands of people all trying to check out at once. This is a system Game has employed in the past, and it works reasonably well. Though queue times of more than an hour have not been uncommon. 

The gaming-focused retailer has served up the most restocks of anywhere in the U.K., so we’re not surprised to see it once again taking orders of the hugely in-demand console. This restock will be one of the best chances yet to score a PS5. 

If you're unsuccessful in this drop, or would rather purchase the console from a retailer that doesn't bundle the console with additional extras, then make sure to bookmark our PS5 restock hub. This comprehensive guide contains all the latest restock news and updates from every major retailer. 

Go for the bundles

If you're hoping to nab a PS5 in this restock it's important to note that Game is continuing its habit of offering the PS5 in a variety of bundles. 

Some of these packages are pretty worthwhile, such as the ones that include an additional controller and games like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart or Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Others, such as the ones that tack on needless extras like a PlayStation branded t-shirt and cap, less so.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Game, don’t waste your time trying to spot a standalone console. If you're trying to secure a PS5 every second really does count and trying to get just the console itself in your basket will almost certainly waste precious time. 

Whenever the retailer restocks it puts the majority of units into premade bundles. So if you want the best chance of actually getting hold of a PS5, you’ll need to cough up more than the £450 RRP. 

If you’re fast you can at least grab a bundle with some useful items, but if you have to settle for one that includes some tat, it’s a small price to pay for finally getting hold of Sony’s next-gen console. 

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