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Galaxy Fold Will Finally Launch Next Week (Report)

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The wait for the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s rerelease is almost over. As long as you live in Korea, in which case you’ll probably be waiting slightly longer again.

A report by Yonhap News (via TechRadar) states that Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy Fold again on September 6, although this will only be 20,000-30,000 units in South Korea. The report also says that there will be Fold launches in the US and China later in the month.

This information matches with an official Samsung statement made in July, which said the Fold would launch in select markets in September. It naturally named Korea as one of the markets, but the UK, USA, India, Germany and France were also mentioned.

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September 6 is also the first day of IFA, the technology expo held in Berlin. It would make a lot of sense for Samsung to try and steal the show with a highly anticipated product such as the Galaxy Fold.

When we and other outlets got to review the Galaxy Fold back in April, we got an exciting look at the possible future of smartphones. However, many of the small group of users had issues with the phone’s durability, specifically a common problem with the phone’s built-in protective layer peeling off the screen and causing damage to the display, as well as bulges appearing on the screen over the hinge mechanism. That's not good, especially for a phone that will cost around $2,000.

In response, Samsung delayed the launch of the phone to September to rework how this layer is fitted, as well as strengthening the components and making the moving parts of the phone’s body and hinge fit more tightly together. With the launch looking like it’s right around the corner, we can only hope that these changes have turned the Fold into a product fit for everyday use.