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Forget AirPods Pro: PowerBeats Pro is now just $174 for Prime Day

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Prime Day is here, and with it comes more deals than any one person could possibly handle. It’s also one of the few days of the year when Apple products actually get some sort of discounts. And yes that includes Beats.

Apple’s sports-themed Powerbeats Pro Wireless on sale for $174.95 on Amazon. That’s a discount of 30%, and frankly one of the better money-off deals you’ll get on Apple products.  

Powerbeats Pro: was $249 now $174 @ Amazon
The Powerbeats Pro are better than the AirPods because they're built for exercise and don't fall out of your ears so easily. They feature touch controls, Hey Siri functionality, and a nine hour battery life. They're $75 off at Amazon.View Deal

The sweat resistant Powerbeats Pro feature Apple's H1 headphone chip, the same as the AirPods Pro, offer nine hours of battery life, touch controls, fast charging, and Hey Siri support. The combination of the ear-hooks and in-ear bud design means they’re a lot more secure, and won't fall out of your ears mid-workout.

They're also compatible with Android devices, provided you have the Beats app installed. iPhone users don’t have that problem, because the phone will recognize the Powerbeats Pro as soon as you open the case.

Sadly this particular discount is only applicable to black and ivory Powerbeats Pro. If you want any of the other colors you’re only getting a 20% discount — which works out to $199. It's still a great deal, and if you really want a different color that badly $15 more isn’t a lot to pay.

There’s a lot of Prime Day deals out there right now, and we here at Tom’s Guide have been rounding up all the best ones to help save you money. So make sure to keep checking in on our Prime Day guide to see what’s out there.  

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