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Eight Sleep Pod Pro smart mattress deal saves you $500 this Cyber Monday

Eight Sleep Pod Pro Mattress
(Image credit: Eight Sleep)

Eight Sleep is one of the smartest mattresses in the world, and today you can save $500 on the Pro Pro Mattress (opens in new tab) designed with custom heating and cooling (for each side of the mattress), plus sleep tracking. It will track how long you sleep for and how often you wake up, giving you tips on how to sleep better. It now starts from $2,295 (was $2,795).

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro sits also features a GentleRise Smart Alarm that vibrates at chest level, so you won't disturb your partner if you share a bed but are on different sleep schedules. It tracks multiple other aspects of your sleep and health too, and will monitor the temperature in your bedroom as well as outside, automatically adjusting the mattress to help you sleep cooler or warmer as suits.

Thanks to this Cyber Monday mattress deal, you can buy a queen size Eight Sleep Pod Pro Mattress for $2,595 (was $3,095). We only see this discount a couple of times a year, so now is the time to buy if you want one of the best mattresses for sleep tracking and for a lot less than normal.

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Eight Sleep Pod Pro: from $2,795 $2,295 at Eight Sleep (opens in new tab) 
Save $500
- As you might expect from a product that's packed with advanced sleep technology, the Eight Sleep Pod Pro is one of the more expensive mattresses on the market. But this intelligent bed-topper is a lot more affordable at the moment, thanks to this eye-catching Black Friday deal, which knocks $500 off the usual price.  

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro is packed with next-gen tech. It will monitor your different sleep stages, the amount of time you're asleep, and how often you wake up. The Pod Pro will also provide a daily analysis of your respiratory rate, resting heart rate and heart-rate variability, all of which will be displayed in the companion app (iOS, Android).   

Being too hot or cold can mess with your sleep. That won't be a problem with the Eight Pod Pro, though, as you can set the temperature of the mattress from 55-110F. In fact, if there are two of you sharing the bed, you can each set a different temperature for your side of the mattress, ensuring that you remain at the right temperature for you.

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro isn't just about the sleep tech though - with five layers of premium foam packed inside it, this smart mattress is comfy and supportive for a range of sleeping positions. It also comes on a 100-night trial is covered with a two-year warranty.?       

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