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Baby Yoda merch is here, and Forced it feels

(Image credit: ShopDisney)

Sorry to those who have been spoiled, but Baby Yoda (the star of Disney Plus) merch is here and it's ready to fly off the shelves. Annoyingly, though, Disney's only delivered a specific kind of merch: the stuff they can slap a photo onto and mass produce.

Yep, as reported by, the likes of Amazon, Hot Topic and even Zazzle are now selling shirts, mugs and even iPhone cases with the adorable big-eared, toddler-sized, force-using 'child' known as Baby Yoda.

Examples include a $15.80 Baby Yoda totebag at Zazzle, a $22 baby Yoda shirt at Amazon and a variety of cups and mugs at ShopDisney. Don't get fooled by unofficial Baby Yoda stuff on eBay, as it's all existing baby toys and accessories related to Yoda, not actually tied to The Mandalorian.

We're waiting on baby Yoda plushes and Funko Pop figurines, which should be coming on pre-sale in the coming weeks. Got a baby of your own? has knit Baby Yoda ears, lightsaber and diapers.