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Why cloud storage needs to become more social

cloud storage
(Image credit: Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash)

The internet, and more recently, cloud storage, have transformed the way we communicate and collaborate on computers. Cloud storage makes it possible to access vast amounts of content from any networked device in the world. 

But if cloud storage technology is to realize its true potential, it must become more social. Because today, the vast majority of cloud storage data is not publicly accessible. 

A social cloud storage revolution would bypass commercially driven news websites and search engines and would facilitate real peer-to-peer file sharing. 

Why what’s in the cloud needs to be shared and shareable 

While today’s search engines enable us to find websites and content from across the world, they show us sites run by companies that have paid for search engine optimization (SEO). They show us websites that have commercial or political agendas, and that want to sell us products and services, or harvest our data. The commercial internet is by no means inherently bad. But many people today want an alternative; they want an internet powered by the community, where people can share and access peer content, or content without the commercial strings attached. 

By connecting cloud storage infrastructure to public search engines, we can make cloud storage social and create a new grassroots digital community.

 The benefits of cloud storage 

There would be many benefits to making cloud storage social.

More information, more innovation

This one is simple—socializing cloud storage would vastly increase the accessibility of knowledge, experience, and ideas.

With internet users able to share unlimited amounts of information on the internet, we may see a shift in the way we collaborate online. Businesses, entrepreneurs, and charities might find new ways to drive innovation or connect with their customers or supporters.

Artistically as well, socialized cloud storage would create new sources of inspiration and new ways for artists to come together in unexpected ways.

Making cloud storage social might show us what an open-source knowledge community might really look like.

Website-free content sharing

Socializing cloud storage would enable internet users to bypass websites and access content directly through peer-to-peer networks. Users wanting to share their data would not need to go through the complexities of building a website or purchasing domains. Instead, they could share content directly.  

Greatness is discoverable from unlikely sources 

Social cloud storage would empower the quiet, the introverted, and the uncommitted. Imagine how many world-changing ideas or genre-defining artworks are sitting on personal drives, cut off from the world, and unable to realize their potential. Socializing cloud storage would set much of this knowledge free. 

Social cloud storage is already here

If social cloud storage sounds like a good thing, you’ll be happy to know that it already exists. MrOwl is leading internet innovation and creating a genuinely social cloud storage experience for businesses and individuals alike.