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Saatva mattresses are up to $400 off, but is it smart to buy before Black Friday?

Save up to $400 in the Saatva mattress ‘Black Friday in October’ sale
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Luxury sleep brand Saatva has launched a time-limited ‘Black Friday in October’ sale, with savings of up to $400 on qualifying orders from today until October 14. If you spend between $1,000 and $1,499 you’ll receive $100 off, while orders over $3,500 get the maximum $400 saving. There are plenty of other savings in between those two amounts too, as follows:

  • $100 off orders worth $1,000 to $1,499
  • $200 off orders worth $1,500 to $1,999
  • $250 off orders worth $2,000 to $2,499
  • $300 off orders worth $2,500 to $2,999
  • $350 off orders worth $3,000 to $3,499
  • $400 off orders worth $3,500 or more

The biggest savings are on the higher value orders, so how do these compare to the best Saatva mattress sales and deals we’ve seen previously? In August, Saatva offered $200 off orders worth $975 or more for its Summer Olympics celebration, so this new $100 saving on orders worth $1,000 to $1,499 is lower. That said, because the savings get bigger the more you spend, it will net you a Saatva Classic for up to $250 less, and this is one of the best mattresses you can buy with or without a price cut. (Read our Saatva Classic Mattress review to learn why we rate it so highly).

The other piece of the puzzle is price. The cost of the Classic model in a queen size has increased to $1,595, up from $1,574 last month. The lowest price we have seen on this was back in March when it cost $1,199 (MSRP $1,399). With the current offer, you can get it for $1,395. So if you don’t urgently need a new bed, you could wait to see if prices fall again. But even if they don’t, this is a superb memory foam mattress that’s well-priced compared to its more expensive rivals.

Saatva Black Friday in October sale: save up to $400

Saatva Black Friday in October sale: save up to $400
There are some generous savings to be had in the new flash sale, so you could save hundreds on a new Saatva mattress, bed frame or accessories, as long as your total order value comes to $1,000 or more. The more you spend the more you’ll save, up to a maximum of $400 on orders worth over $3,500. We recommend the Saatva Classic to most sleepers, and right now you can save up to $250 on this model, which is a good saving.

The brand’s Oktoberest sale, which finished earlier this month, offered 15% off on orders worth over $3,500. However, there are potentially solid savings here if your total order value falls within those two price extremes (the lowest and the highest qualifying amounts). Especially considering how before this, Saatva usually offered a flat saving of around $200 to $225 off qualifying orders.

We think prices will fall in time for all those Black Friday mattress deals to start rolling in, but we can’t rule out whether supply issues that have been dogging other sectors will have a notable impact on the wider mattress industry too. And, in turn, whether that will force prices to remain high or even to increase further as manufacturers struggle to source materials. 

Saatva is known for selling real luxury mattresses at much lower prices, and if you were to buy a comparable mattress in store you’d be paying more than what we’re seeing right now from the brand. You’ll also get 180 nights to try out your new Saatva, with the brand issuing you a refund and collecting the mattress if you change your mind. Depending on the model you buy, warranties range from 15 to 20 years.

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