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I own this awesome bike stand and now it's down to $46 for Cyber Monday

Delta Cycle Michelangelo
(Image credit: Delta )

Let me start this article by saying I live in a house with too many bikes. My partner, the keen cyclist, has three bikes (don’t get me started) and I have a trusty road bike, but storing the four of them side by side takes up an awful lot of room in the garage. Luckily, I stumbled across this Delta Cycle Michelangelo, which is a game-changer. Whether you’re a long-suffering cycling widow like me, or just want a handy way to store your growing collection, this is a great option, and it’s currently down to $46 from $99 in the Amazon Cyber Monday sale (opens in new tab)

When I purchased this bike stand, I lived in a rented property, where screwing a bike stand into the wall wasn’t an option. The Delta Cycle Michelangelo uses gravity (I know, scary) to stay upright, but I have never had an issue with the bike rack tipping or slipping, even when I used it outside. Not for you? Check out our other Cyber Monday deals here. 

Delta Cycle Michelangelo: was $99 now $46 @ Amazon (opens in new tab) 
The Delta Cycle Michelangelo bike stand can hold two bikes, without needing to be fixed into the wall. The rack can hold up to 80 pounds worth of bikes and can be used indoors or outdoors. The arms can be moved up and down, so if you only have one bike, this is a simple way of lifting it off the floor too. Grab this stand for better than half price right now! 

The Delta Cycle Michelangelo bike stand can store two bikes, up to 80 pounds in weight, without the need to be fixed onto the wall in any way. It simply leans against the wall and uses gravity to keep the bikes in place, without moving. 

I found it easy to assemble (I’ve struggled more with IKEA furniture than with this stand) and the arms can be moved up and down to be at the right height. The support arms can be moved by twisting and untwisting them, so you won’t need to keep finding your tool kit every time you change your mind. 

As I mentioned above, I’ve been using this bike stand for well over a year and had no issue with it slipping or moving. The rubber feet are grippy and the leaning design really does work. I’ve used the bike rack outdoors in the garden on slippy patio tiles, and inside the garage and had no issue. It’s a brilliant buy and makes a practical gift for any cyclist this holiday. Now I just need to find somewhere to store the other two. 

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