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Black Friday deal gets Alexa in your car with $35 off Amazon Echo Auto

Amazopn Echo auto mounted on car dashboard with deal tag
(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Black Friday deals season is here, and that means a whole host of discounts on Amazon devices. From the ball-shaped Echo all the way to Echo Auto — one of the few sure-fire ways to access Alexa from your car using only your voice.

For a limited time the Echo Auto is on sale for $14 at Amazon (opens in new tab). That’s $35 off the normal $49 price, and an incredible 70% saving. While the Echo Auto is far from a perfect device, those flaws can be overlooked with such a generous discount. 

Amazon Echo Auto: was $49 now $14 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
Gain access to Alexa in your car with this Amazon Black Friday deal. While far from a perfect device, as we noted in our review (opens in new tab), the Echo Auto is one of the few ways to easily access Alexa on the road. And with $35 off the normal price, you can easily overlook those flaws.

The Echo Auto acts as a bridge between the Alexa app on your phone, and the car’s sound system. The main benefit is that you can talk to Alexa through the Echo Auto, as you would any Echo, without having to keep the Alexa app open all the time.

This means you can get the full Alexa experience in your car. Whether you want to communicate with your smart home devices, play trivia games, or any of the other myriad of things Alexa can do, from the inside of your car.

It also functions as a makeshift Bluetooth adapter for your car. So if your car doesn’t have a Bluetooth connection of its own, you hardwire the Echo Auto into the sound system rather than your phone. Which is especially useful considering most phones don’t have headphone jacks anymore, and makes cable management that bit easier.

If the Echo Auto isn’t right for you, but you still want some other Alexa-enabled devices, be sure to check out the other Amazon Black Friday deals (opens in new tab) happening right now. Whether you want to save $40 on the 4th gen Echo (opens in new tab), $50 off the price of the Echo Buds (opens in new tab), or get a 4K Fire TV stick for just $24 (opens in new tab), there are plenty of deals to enjoy.

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