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Amazon Black Friday deal slices £100 off the Razer Viper Ultimate gaming mouse

Razer Viper Ultimate deal
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The Black Friday deals have arrived, even though the actual day itself is happening this Friday. And that means there's a whole lot of discounted tech to be had, including in the world of gaming peripherals. 

Case in point, this Razer Viper Ultimate wireless gaming mouse is on sale for £62 at Amazon (opens in new tab). That’s a huge discount of £107, which makes this an almost unmissable deal for people looking to give their gaming PC setup a refresh.  

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Razer Viper Ultimate: was £169 now £62 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
With an RGB charging dock, a 20,000 dpi optical sensor, a sleek and sharp design, the Razer Viper Ultimate is a compelling gaming mouse. And with a frankly silly £107 off, it's now a bargain. 

So why is such an expensive gaming mouse suddenly discounted by well over half-price? Well that’s because it’s been around for two years, though that doesn't mean it’s not worth your consideration. 

In our Razer Viper Ultimate review, senior editor Marshall Honorof praised the mouse for its “flawless wireless performance” alongside its excellent design and battery life. “The Viper Ultimate is almost as good as these things,” he concluded. 

This is high praise indeed. But just looking at the Razer Viper Ultimate’s shape, which both seems ergonomic yet angled like a stealth bomber, the mouse gives off the appearance of a device that’ll have you nailing headshots in the latest Call of Duty or the Halo Infinite multiplayer with ease. 

For fans of RGB, and if you're looking at a Razer device that’s to be expected, there's RGB lighting on the Razer Viper Ultimate’s charging dock. Of course, if you turn off the RGB lighting you can extend the mouse’s battery life, eking out up to 70 hours of time away from the dock. But with Xmas coming, who wants to turn off the lights? 

Either way, at this discounted price, the Razer Viper Ultimate wireless gaming mouse is a Black Friday deal we can wholeheartedly recommend. 

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