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Test: Muzzle Velocity

Review: Water Gun Roundup

Having a strong blast coming down the barrel of your water gun is essential if you want to shock and awe your opponents.  We thought it would be fun to see exactly how fast the water is leaving the guns.  Sure, this is directly related (at least on the single-pump squirters) to how hard you can pull the pump – but since I did all the tests myself, it should at least give a relatively level playing field.

For this test, we used some printed sheets with 1-inch bars on them, and a digital camera with a 30-frame-per-second movie mode. By watching the water move in 1/30 second increments, we could count the number of inches the water moves from the muzzle of the gun and then multiply the calculation out to feet per second. We did this twice for each gun. This is what we found:

As you can see, the Super Soaker’s stream is about twice as fast as the other guns’ flow. Just for comparison, most air rifles have muzzle velocities of 800 feet per second, and BB guns clock in at 200-300 feet per second. Now those two would REALLY hurt if they shot a water blast into your eye.

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