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Test: Range

Review: Water Gun Roundup

Everyone wants to squirt the farthest; that’s why water guns always advertise their maximum distance (or range) in GIGANTIC font on the box. For this test, we tilted the guns to a 45 degree angle and fired them three times each down the sidewalk on a hot dry day, measuring the farthest droplets from the starting place. Since it was the maximum drop distance, we also added another test to monitor optimal distance for soaking an opponent. This is what we found:

All of the guns met or outperformed their advertised ranges; in fact, the Bottle Shot reached nearly twice the distance the makers said it could – of course, it was just a few drops that reached all 39 feet, but still, that’s a good performance. Only the Renegade (on drenching stream setting) reached just the advertised distance.

In this photo, I am measuring the second half of the stream, as my tape measure was only 30 feet long! We definitely scared away some of the people walking tiny accessory dogs in the neighborhood by firing shots.

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