Samsung Galaxy S5 User Guide

Close Apps or Switch Between Them

Switching and closing apps on the Galaxy S5 is different than on the Galaxy S4. Now, long-pressing the Home button pulls up Google Now instead of all open apps. If you want to quickly switch between Facebook and Angry Birds, or just look at all the apps you have open, you'll want to use the new soft key on the Galaxy S5. Here's how. —Cherlynn Low

1. Tap the soft key to the left of the home button below the screen.

2. Hit the app you want from the carousel of open programs.

4. Swipe an app's thumbnail to the left or right to close an application.

From this screen, you can also look up the memory use of each open program and close all running apps by tapping the buttons on the bottom left and right, respectively.

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  • This doesn't work on my Verizon Galaxy S5. Website opens after bypassing warning from McAfee. Pressing the Lambda key does nothing.
  • Verizon S5

    When I click "make it ra1n" it says:
    This phone isn't currently supported.

    You should test this junk before you post it.
  • This bricked my phone!
  • works for my galaxy s5 t-mobile , thanks!!