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Razer Orochi Notebook Gaming Mouse

Gearing Up, Road Warrior Style

I have always hated notebook mice. They’re small, lack a high sensitivity, and usually come without side or dpi buttons. Razer has finally addressed this issue with its Orochi notebook gaming mouse.

The ambidextrous Orochi maintains the small profile found in virtually every notebook mouse, but adds an exponential amount of functionality. This is one of the only notebook mice to boast seven different buttons (left, right, middle, two left side, two right side), all while maintaining a size not much bigger than a stack of Post-It notes. If you’re a righty like me, the two left side buttons are for web browsing while the right side buttons can switch dpi on the fly. This is great for when you need to increase the dpi for those mobile gaming sessions.

The Orochi is also a wired/wireless combo mouse, meaning it can operate via traditional USB cable or Bluetooth. If you find yourself at a comfortably large desk, then wired is the way to go. However, if you’re using your netbook somewhere a little less conventional and don’t want to be bothered by wires, the Bluetooth mode is convenient. Simply unplug the USB cable from the Orochi and flip the wireless switch on the underside. The Orochi uses two AA batteries, which are installed by flipping up the top of the mouse. The average user will get about two months of use before a battery change is needed.

Like many of Razer’s mice, the Orochi boasts a 3G infrared sensor, which has a sensitivity of up to 4000dpi (2000dpi in wireless mode), and a 1000 Hz ultrapolling rate. The downloadable driver is also akin to the rest of the Razer lineup, offering macro support and full mouse button/sensitivity customization.

$69.99 is a hard number to swallow for a notebook mouse, but when you consider the features on the Orochi, you realize that you’re buying one of the most versatile notebook mice on the market. Up until this point, I would simply carry a desktop mouse with me on my travels, but the Orochi is without a doubt the best notebook mouse I have ever used.

The Orochi is available at Newegg for $69.99

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