9 Tools for Overclocking Your GPU

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John Corpuz

John Corpuz flip-flopped between computer science and creative writing courses in school. As a contributor to Tom's Guide he's found a happy middle ground writing about apps, mobile gaming and other geekery.

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  • biechung
    Nice article, but the download link of Unigine Heaven took me to FRAPS download page. Please update.
  • Anonymous
    You get paid to write useless crap like this? So let me summarize what took you 13 pictures in 3 words: Overclock, Test, Enjoy.
  • cap_awesome9870
    from the unigine website
  • ojas
    No Nvidia Control Panel + nTune?
  • s3anister
    Helpful tip for anyone interested in extreme overclocking: if you add " -xcl" (minus the quotes, with the space) to the shortcut for the MSI Afterburner program in the "Target" box it'll allow you to go past the stock limits in Catalyst Control Center.

    For example, on my Radeon 6950 it allows me to reach a maximum core clock of 1305 MHz and 1625 MHz clock speed on the memory (stock is 900/1350MHz). A big bonus is that this tweak works on HD 7XXX series cards and also allows for lower than stock clocks as well which makes the tweak perfect for low resource bitcoin mining.
  • JJ1217
    I think GPU TWEAK would be much better with a OSD like MSI Afterburner. Its basically the same thing if they add that, except GPU TWEAK is much more friendly for changing voltages.
  • Anonymous
    I'm failing to see how this list of overclocking utilities could be helpful to anyone. I know that I can overclock with the program that installs automatically with my drivers, but what if I want to use Afterburner instead? Catalyst starts with windows by default, so do I need to disable catalyst before using Afterburner, or do they play nice together? What's a safe procedure for increasing core voltage, and when is that even necessary? I've got a Radeon HD 7950, a card that is supposed to have great OC potential, but as soon as I try a relatively conservative OC (i.e. 7970 reference specs) I've got to switch it back because it makes my system so unstable. The same thing would happen with my 4870. I'm not ruling out user error, but I'd like to get a general idea of what I'm doing wrong. A freaking list of apps isn't going to get anyone closer to doing a proper overclock.
  • Anonymous
    What about Nvidia Inspector? Great for tweaking specific filters and driver settings. It gives you a lot more options than what is included in nVidia's GPU drivers.

    Kudos for including FRAPS. I love that tool.
  • longshotthe1st
    Wow, lotta tips there....sike
  • jdwii
    Wow i thought this article was going to be cool, then i hear things that everyone knows. I wanted to see an article that talked about visual settings in a game and how much of an performance hit you get when you enable it and is it worth it on lower-end cards(the ones that need the extra FPS)
  • ginnai
    I don't like this new format for articles... low content, lots of pages. Long text driven articles are demanding, but this type of article pulls away from why I come here... unless I have merely misunderstood the article classifications and the little arrow indicated a level of mastery.
  • Twoboxer
    Disappointing from Tom's. A pictorial list of overclocking and benchmarking software. No tips. Just an excuse for 13 clicks on adverts.
  • llkooljo
    Cap_Awesome9870from the unigine website

    you may have a point..