Top iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Apps

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  • How about an article on the new Windows Phone 7, and the available apps on that platform. Every single tech site on the web seems to be doing these same articles on these same Apple products. It's boring. How about spending some time with other mobile devices?
  • Hmmm... Sounds good!! I need some clothes...
    1) Many pictures available - CHECK
    2) Many colours available - CHECK
    3) Perfect quality (not just high quality!!) - CHECK
    4) 100% (not just 99%) delivery - CHECK
    These guys go the extra metre!!

    Oh sorry I got distracted by all the SPAM all over THG... I didn't notice Apple advertisement at the top... :-)
  • @THG
    Thumbnail links go to wrong app (they are offset by 1).
    Not much love for the iPod Touch 3G I notice...
  • @falas109 (what wonderful names automated SPAM bots come up with!!)

    Do you have any V-I-A-G-R-A-Z?

    You say you accepta da Paypal - correcto?

    Muchipoo crapitaz


    Come on guys you need to sort out your user registration security!! It's becoming a joke...