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RFiDJ, Wireless Tactile Music Control

The "Build Your Own Gadget" Club
RFiDJ, Wireless Tactile Music Control

Created by Victor Laynez

This is another one of those projects that has the potential to define a new era in future products. Victor always liked to relax to some music when he got home from work, but turning on his HTPC, logging in, and selecting a playlist felt just a bit too clumsy for his liking. He came up with an extremely elegant solution using picture-frame coasters and RFID chips. RFID is a type of wireless technology that utilizes ultra-low power usage to allow for very short distance wireless communications. Victor combined the RFID chips with the coasters to be used with a specialized RFID reading table. Each coaster can be paired to represent things like a radio station, playlist, or album. The end result is that Victor comes home, chooses a coaster, and sets it on the table to start playing his music. For more information on RFiDJ and videos of it in action, you can see Victor's Website.

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