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Copper Mountain Grooming Display

The "Build Your Own Gadget" Club
Copper Mountain Grooming Display

Created by Dwight Eppinger

Dwight helps manage the Copper Mountain Ski Resort and he wanted to build a better and easier way of keeping the ski-run signs up to date. He came up with the idea to use Arduino Mega boards along with the Xbee wireless shield. With this combination of hardware, Dwight was able to add an LED matrix display and create a system that he could update wirelessly from a single location. Now, whenever a run is groomed, opened, or closed; the sign is automatically updated when the ski patrol makes any changes to their central snow-reporting database. It is also used to update the resort's Facebook page, Website, and mobile site. It is a pretty respectable feat considering he's driving quite a few LED displays from a single Arduino board, and even more respectable that it is coming along so cleanly. You can check out the entire system on his blog.

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