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Scooty Bot, the Balancing Robot

The "Build Your Own Gadget" Club
Scooty Bot, the Balancing Robot

Created by the Evans Brothers

Scooty Bot is a two-wheeled balancing robot, much like a Segway scooter. The Evans brothers plan to make it into a viable transportation platform, but now it is only capable of balancing on its own and is not yet capable of carrying a person. However, the robot is extremely good at keeping its balance, so the day it can transport a human being is not far off. Ideally, Scooty Bot will become a very affordable alternative to a Segway scooter. In its current form, Scooty Bot only costs about $200 to build, not including the microcontroller programmers. Compared to the $5,000 plus price tag for a new Segway, it would seem that Scooty might have a very good chance at becoming a true consumer product. Of course, a true production model of Scooty will likely cost considerably more than $200, but it still has a lot of headroom before hitting the Segway’s $5,000 mark. You can see more on Scooty Bot in the Evans brothers' blog, including a link to their gallery with images and videos of Scooty in action

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