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Winduino II, Digital Wind Chime

The "Build Your Own Gadget" Club
Winduino II, Digital Wind Chime

Created by Jason Warriner

Winduino is a digital wind chime, although it shares more of a resemblance to an Aeolian harp. It takes movement from the wind and turns it into a soft, melodic sound. While digital wind chimes are nothing new or out of the ordinary, Winduino takes things a step further, adding wireless Bluetooth to its list of features. Using Bluetooth, it communicates with your computer, allowing for direct playback from your computer speakers. A lithium polymer battery, similar to your average cell phone battery, powers it and the digital chime has a large solar panel to charge the battery quickly on a sunny day. It is a very elegant, modern version of an ancient instrument, and it has a lot of potential to be built with all sorts of artistic enclosures. You can see more on Jason's Winduino, including a video of it in action, on his project page here.

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