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3DTV History

Guide: 3DTV 2010
3DTV History

Believe it or not, the technology behind 3DTV dates back to the 1950s, when TV first became popular in the US. The first 3D movie ever produced, called Bwana Devil (United Artists), was viewed across the US in 1952. The following year, a second 3D movie, House of Wax, was produced featuring 2D sound.

Nancy Fares, business manager for DLP (digital light processing) Cinema with Texas Instruments, says older 3D technologies used anaglyphic (red and blue lenses) glasses. Fares says, “A Texas Instruments-based DLP 3D HDTV (high definition television) system, with shutter glasses, gives exceptional color fidelity and superior picture depth in comparison to other technologies used in the past.”  But shutter glasses aren’t the only 3D glasses around, these days. Polarized 3D glasses, the type you wore when you saw Avatar in the theater, create an illusion of color-rich 3D images by restricting the light that reaches both eyes.

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