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Mobile Defense

20 Android Apps: Our Favorites
Mobile Defense

Price: Free

Created by Neavo:

If you’ve ever lost your phone, you know how disconcerting it is, thinking about all the minutes someone could use up before you get the chance to report it to your carrier. It’s even worse when you lose a smart phone. Not only is the device itself worth considerably more than an ordinary mobile phone, but the information on it could cost you dearly. Mobile Defense greatly increases the chances of getting your phone back. After losing your phone, you simply log on to the firm's Website and the app is activated via SMS, relaying the phone’s location back and pinpointing it on a map. But Mobile Defense doesn’t stop there. If things are looking grim and you fear for the integrity of any confidential material on the phone, you can backup all of your data remotely as well as clear it from the phone. Because it relies on a dormant process running in the background, the iPhone has yet to receive an app like Mobile Defense, and while Windows Mobile has the capability to run such an app, none exist as of yet.

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