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Types of Mousepads

The Other Pad: Yes, A Mousepad Guide

There are several different types of mousepads you can buy today, but knowing which one is the best for you is more complicated than you may think. There are hard mats, soft mats, metal, cloth, silicon, and even glass. Some come with designs, some glow in the dark, some are big, and some are small. So what are the criteria for finding the best mousepad for you?

What Kind of Mouser Are You?

How you use the mouse is very important in finding the proper mousepad. If you use it from the wrist and don’t move your hand a whole lot when using it, then a smaller mousepad with a textured surface is better for you. If you have sensitive hands, then a smoother surface is a better choice. If you experience wrist pain, you should consider using a wrist rest with the mousepad.

And if you use the mouse from the elbow, meaning you move the mouse heavily and use lower sensitivity settings, then you’ll want a larger mousepad. The surface type won’t matter because you won’t be resting your wrists on it anyway.

Space Matters

How much space is available on your desk? If you don’t consider this factor, you might end up buying a mousepad that is either too big or too small. Find out how much real estate you have on your desk for your mouse and buy one that is properly sized.

How Do You Use Your Mousepad?

Does it go with you on the road or stay at home? At home, do you move your mousepad to different rooms? Do you have multiple workbenches or different surfaces? All of these factor into which type of mousepad you should use, especially for gamers who play on the go and take their mousepads with them. Some of the mats we tested are made to stick to one surface, while others are easy to carry around and store away for travel.

Looks Matter

If keeping your desk as hip and cool as possible is your style, then finding a mousepad with an appealing design will also influence which mousepad you want to buy. Most mousepads available today, including those we tested, are fairly bland with black or grey colors and a logo or two. Others are much more colorful, with stylized designs, classy looks, or even completely personalized patterns. Just remember, you pay more for looking good. But even the most personalized mousepads are still pretty cheap.

Find Information Online

If you still aren’t sure which mousepad to get after reading the rest of this article, check online sources. Razer has an excellent mini-site with a ton of information on which mousepad works best for you, based on your criteria and Razer’s extensive line of mousepads.

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