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Amazon Cloud Drive

File Sharing After Megaupload: 8 Alternatives

Amazon’s Cloud Drive gives 5GB of free space to anyone with an Amazon account, but it’s intended for personal use only. This is great news if you only plan on creating remote backups and online storage for yourself, but not so great news if you want to share anything with anyone else.

That’s a pretty major limitation, but it’s largely due to the fact that the Amazon Cloud Drive is built specifically with Amazon’s MP3 store in mind. Songs you purchase from Amazon are automatically added to your Cloud Drive, and you can easily upload your own songs as well. Clearly, the ability to share copyrighted materials like this would have brought up some pretty major legal issues.

With Amazon’s Cloud Player, you can play your music files directly through your browser, or you can install the Cloud Player Android app and stream the songs straight to your phone. Among all of the cloud storage solutions, this is a pretty unique feature.

If you need more than 5GB of space, you can always purchase more. At $1 pre GB per year (starting with 20GB), the storage plans are certainly affordable, but not quite as appealing as Google’s offerings. There’s also a maximum file size limit of 2GB, which is surprising considering that Amazon advertises HD video storage as a main use for its Cloud Drive. HD video files can easily surpass 2GB in size.

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