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File Sharing After Megaupload: 8 Alternatives

Considering that MediaFire is almost always amongst the first page of results any time you do a Google search for an MP3, there’s a good chance that it’s next on the DoJ’s hit list. Of course there’s always the chance that it will make more of an effort to clean up its data centers.

When arrive at MediaFire’s site, you’re greeted with an extremely clean homepage without a single third-party ad to be found. Nice, right? Well, it’s all a ruse! Mediafire wants you to upload your files, and share them with as many people as possible—that’s because the download page is where all of the mischief starts.

The first thing that happens when you try to download a file? A pop-up ad. Once you close that (or if you’ve bypassed it with a decent pop-up blocker), you get a page that’s roughly 60% third-party ads, most of which are advertisements offering some sort of deal on music downloads. This may be because Mediafire is popular with budding musical artists, or perhaps it’s because Mediafire is popular with music pirates. Previously mentioned Google search results seem to suggest the latter.

In its defense, Mediafire’s ads are considerably more tasteful than most. There are no nearly naked women, or promises of lonely girls on Facebook, and even better, the first thing to load on the download page is the actual download link. There’s no misleading “Download Now” button that actually links you to some adware installer. Perhaps best of all is the fact that you don’t have to wait for the download to start.

Mediafire is also ridiculously easy to start using. Without having to sign up or enter a single bit of personal info, you get unlimited storage (though there is a file size limit of 200MB) and unlimited simultaneous downloads. On the downside, the free account also means your files eventually get deleted. Much like Megaupload's business model, you have the option of paying to remove storage limitations such as file size and storage time (prices start at $9 per month).

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