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Moving Beyond Anonymity to the Cloud

File Sharing After Megaupload: 8 Alternatives

Five to ten years ago, upload sites like Megaupload and RapidShare were all we had if we wanted to move big files across the internet. They quickly became the de facto choice simply because there weren’t any other options. Well, since the advent of cloud storage services, we now have other options, and as long as you’re not uploading questionable content, they’re by far the best choices.

True cloud storage services like Google Docs, SkyDrive, and Dropbox trump upload sites in just about every single category. They’re faster, more reliable, more secure, and more flexible. Plus they do all of that without charging you extra for it. Sure, you have to register to upload your files, but that beats waiting half an hour just to start a download, doesn’t it?

If you want to share huge 5+GB files, Google Docs and $5 per year is your best bet. If you have a lot of sub-100MB files, SkyDrive is the way to go. Amazon’s Cloud Drive is great for music and private file storage. For everything in between, Dropbox has you covered.

The only thing upload sites are good for anymore is anonymity, and even that is getting hard to achieve sometimes, with sites like RapidShare requiring you to register before uploading. Besides, illegal file sharing is the only reason anonymity is such a big deal.

For those of us on the up-and-up, it’s time to transcend to cloud storage. There air so much nicer up here anyway.

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