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Wi-Fi Problem Exposed

New iPad: Wi-Fi and Heat Problems Detected, Tested

One day later came another round of complaints, this time claims that Wi-Fi was severely lacking. Complaints began to pile up on the Apple Support message boards and quickly reached Gizmodo, which compiled its own list of complaints.

So, I began my own set of tests, a brand new iPad vs. a first-generation iPad, plus an iPhone 4S for good measure. The access point is a Cisco WRT310N 802.11a/b/g/n. Tests were done using the mobile version of SpeedTest, an up/down test utility.

Because latency increases with distance, tests were done using a server in Monterey Park, Calif., 40 miles from me, and Oklahoma City, Ok., which is 1,148 miles away. Tests were done in my home, approximately 3,000 square feet over two stories. 

The router was in one corner room on the bottom floor, and I went into rooms upstairs and half the width of the house from the access point, and downstairs but at the other end of the house. This means lots of walls and potential interference.

So what did I find?

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