Amazon Prime Streaming Guide: Best Movies and TV Shows

This may be the biggest month yet for Amazon's original content, with a new movie and six new or returning shows (including the first-ever program by Woody Allen). Most fall into the comedy or dramedy space, and there are a few kids' shows as well. Movies include a mix of comedy and drama, ranging from lighthearted Roman Holiday to international crime thriller Sicario.

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TV Shows

Creative Galaxy, Season 2 (Sept. 16)

Creative Galaxy

Little green boy Arty travels the galaxy, solving problems through artwork. This animated show for preschoolers teaches the value of artistic creativity. Alongside young voice actors, it features some big-name adults, such as Samantha Bee, Cloris Leachman, Brooke Shields and Jason Priestley.

Crisis in Six Scenes (Sept. 30)

Crisis in Six Scenes

This six-part comedy series — Woody Allen's first TV show — takes place in the turbulent 1960s, when a radical young hippy (Miley Cyrus) shakes up a middle-class town. Allen wrote, directed and starred in this limited-run series.

Doctor Who, Season 9 (Sept. 5)

Doctor Who Season 9

The immortal Time Lord is living up to his title, with the reboot of this 1960s series now nearing the decade mark. After a disastrous Season 8, showrunner Steven Moffat gets things somewhat back on track, developing a strong friendship between the Doctor and his companion Clara, and making much better use of star Peter Capaldi's talents.

Fleabag (Sept. 16)


Six is the new 10 for Amazon's comedy series. This six-parter, written by and starring British actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge, promises to be a "naughty, dark" portrayal of a young woman in London sorting out life and relationships, sex and feminism. Unlike Allen's show, Fleabag could continue into future seasons, if it does well.

One Mississippi (Sept. 16)

One Mississippi

This new dramedy from comedian Tig Notaro closely follows a tragic time in her real life when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and lost her mother in short order. Her character returns home to Mississippi after her mother's sudden death, clingy girlfriend (Casey Wilson) in tow, to sort out family matters. Notaro, who also guest starred on Amazon's Transparent, became an instant star for her tragic and funny standup routine about the same period in her life called "Hello, I Have Cancer."

The Stinky & Dirty Show (Sept. 2)

The Stinky

This animated kids' show (based on the "I Stink" books series) follows a garbage truck (Stinky) and bulldozer (Dirty), who find clever ways to solve problems.

Transparent, Season 3 (Sept. 23)


Starting as the story of an older man who begins his transition into a woman, this award-winning show has become so much more: a saga of an entire L.A. family navigating very messed-up relationships with each other and their significant others. All those relationships were strained or broken by the end of Season 2.


Apollo 13 (Sept. 1)

Apollo 13

This true tale that showed every sign of becoming a deadly tragedy instead became a story of ingenuity and triumph. Just two missions after the first moon landing, another effort was crippled by a midflight explosion, but the crew and ground control found a way to return home safely. Tom Hanks and Ed Harris star in this Ron Howard film.

Full Metal Jacket (Sept. 1)

Full Metal Jacket

Director Stanley Kubrick takes on the Vietnam War in this dark satire from 1987 — an alternative to the earnest drama Platoon from 1986. It follows troops from the beginning of basic training through the insanity of combat, and is most remembered for the Shakespearean profanity of the drill sergeant, played by R. Lee Ermey. The cast is led by Matthew Modine.

Good Will Hunting (Sept. 1)

Good Will Hunting

Two young writers and actors named Matt Damon and Ben Affleck became instant stars for this film about a reluctant young genius named Will (Damon) struggling to overcome a tragic past. Damon and Affleck earned Academy Awards for the screenplay, and Robin Williams won an Oscar for his portrayal of Will's therapist.

Hair (Sept. 1)


The 1967 musical about hippie life and the anti-Vietnam War movement gets a screen revival in this 1979 Milos Forman adaptation — a balance of titillating and tragic. Forman strays from the original in ways that don't necessary improve it, but the music is still great.

Interview with the Vampire (Sept. 1)

Interview With The Vampire

Based on the pulp horror novels of Anne Rice, this 1994 adaptation is the story of a reluctant killer, the vampire Louis (Brad Pitt), and his brutally hedonistic maker, Lestat (Tom Cruise). A young Kirsten Dunst plays the child vampire Claudia.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi (Sept. 16)

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Jiro Ono is considered one of, if not the, finest sushi chef in the world. Yet instead of an elegant restaurant, he reigns over a tiny eatery in a Tokyo subway station. Ono, who is 85 years old at the time of this documentary (in Japanese with English subtitles), is still not satisfied with his life's work, and is still trying to perfect his art. He's also preparing for the inevitable handover to his son, Yoshikazu, who's got quite a legacy to live up to.

Man on Wire (Sept. 1)

Man On Wire

It's something you'd expect in an implausible action/adventure movie, but it's true. In 1974, tightrope walker Philippe Petit strung a cable between the two towers of the still-under-construction World Trade Center and walked back and forth across. This 2008 film took an Academy Award for best documentary.

Roman Holiday (Sept. 1)

Roman Holiday

Audrey Hepburn became an instant celebrity and won an Academy Award for her portrayal of a bored princess who sneaks out to gallivant around Rome. Along the way, she meets a dashing American journalist, played by Gregory Peck, but the life of a monarch has certain duties and limitations that even a rambunctious princess has to accept. The comedy also won an Academy Award for best writing, though it was decades before it was credited to the real author, blacklisted writer Dalton Trumbo.

Sicario (Sept. 23)


Emily Blunt stars as an FBI agent in Arizona pulled into an international drug operation against a cartel in Juárez, Mexico. But her teammates may be the most dangerous people in this tale of double-dealing and double-crossing. Sicario, by the way, means "hitman."

Wiener-Dog (Sept. 1)


This Amazon film by Todd Solondz follows a dachshund that's passed along through four very oddball owners. It's a loose sequel to Solondz's 1995 film Welcome to the Dollhouse, whose lead character, schoolgirl Dawn Wiener, bore the cruel nickname Wiener-Dog. The film stars Greta Gerwig (as the adult Dawn Wiener), Julie Delpy, Danny DeVito and Ellen Burstyn.

Other films

  • Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (Sept. 1)
  • Caddyshack (Sept. 1)
  • Eight Men Out (Sept. 1)
  • Food, Inc. (Sept. 1)
  • Jeff, Who Lives at Home (Sept. 1)
  • Young Adult (Sept. 1)

What Else to Stream

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