ATi's Radeon IGP320M Chipset A New Chance For Athlon Notebooks

The Test Notebook

Our test sample was a prototype notebook from a manufacturer that does not want to be disclosed at this time, which is why I am unable to supply you with photographs of the outside of the laptop.

The unit is an all-in-one three-spindle laptop with a 15" SVGA screen (1024x768) and a weight of 3230g (7.1 pounds). I am not allowed to show you pictures, but you can believe me that it is well-designed with a slight retro-look and it gives a sturdy impression (better quality impression than e.g. Dell notebooks).


AMD Athlon XP 1600+ (1400 MHz) CPU, 266 MHz FSB DVD/CDRW combo drive Built-in floppy drive 512 MB of PC2100 memory 100/10 Mbit Ethernet 56k Modem 2 USB 1.1 ports S-video out CRT out Keyboard/mouse connector Parallel Interface 1394-connector IR-port 1 type II or type III PCMCIA card slot 14.8 V, 4 Ah (59.2 Wh) Li-Ion Battery (414 g/0.9 pounds) JBL Pro speakers

The notebook is an all-in-one type, so its 7.1 pounds are not exactly subtle. However, I consider it quite a cutie with its retro chrome looks and the easiest-to-use opening mechanism I have ever used. The display is sharp and crisp and the keyboard gives a quality impression too. This is not your usual run-of-the-mill cheap Athlon notebook. It's a system that's fun to use if you can live with the 7.1 pounds that are actually rather low for an all-in-one type.

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