Samsung Galaxy B Will Have Edge-to-Edge Display

On Friday, the Maeil Business Newspaper in South Korea said that Samsung Mobile is currently working on the Samsung Galaxy B smartphone which features Google's Android OS and a bezel-less display.

Following other Samsung HDTV designs that ditch the visually annoying bezel, the Galaxy B smartphone will reportedly feature an edge-to-edge touchscreen that engulfs the entire front face of the device. The only evidence of a bezel will be seen along the top as an unseen strip where the speaker and front-facing camera will reside.

If that is indeed the case, Samsung may be forced to ditch the rounded corner design used on other smartphones. There's certainly nothing wrong with that: just look at Nokia's Lumia 800 and 900 Windows Phone smartphones-- they're simply gorgeous, square edges and all.

There's speculation that this device may actually be the Samsung Galaxy S3 (mockup seen right), an unannounced phone supposedly spotted during CES 2012 back in January. The device wasn't named during the show, but insiders believed it to be the third Samsung Galaxy S smartphone installment.

Samsung has reportedly worked on this new and unannounced Galaxy B for quite a while, and expects to launch it in Q2 or Q3 2012. Chances are we'll see another glimpse next week at MWC 2012.

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  • joytech22
    Imo I like the bezel, it gives me that secure feeling that if I somehow manage to drop it, it'll take the hit before the glass. If the glass covers corner to corner the impact will be almost directly applied to the glass if it lands on an edge or corner, reducing the chance it'll survive.

    Sure the Gorilla glass will survive, but the screen beneath it will likely crack (which happened to my SGS, sent away for two weeks).

    Anyway, as long as you are careful with your devices..
    I wonder what specs it'll have. Now to go and find out.
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