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Cooler Master Soawn Mouse, Quick Fire Rapid Keyboard

Holiday Buyer's Guide 2011: Gaming Gear Edition

I'm always a bit apprehensive when computer component manufacturers jump into gaming peripherals. Some companies, like Corsair, make a splash with some truly amazing products...while others fall flat on their face. Cooler Master has been a dominant force in power supplies and cases for years now, but can they make a competent mouse or keyboard. Yes! Yes they can!

The Spawn mouse is for "claw" gamers, or those who arc their index and middle fingers up on the mouse buttons. The smaller mouse body is perfect for this grip style, and the scooped-out right side gives you even more control.

The Spawn is red and black...a color scheme that may or may not go over well. But don't let that deter you from the rest of the mouse. The 3500dpi optical sensor is very accurate, and seven-button configuration is very comfortable. the Spawn has similar tech to the Logitech G400, but in a smaller, brighter package.

The Quick Fire Rapid (QFR) keyboard combines the accuracy and effortlessness of MX Cherry Red switches with a small, portable size. There's no numpad on the QFR, so the board easily fits in a backpack or duffel bag. To make transport even easier, the QFR has a removable USB cord, which connects via a standard mini USB port on the back of the keyboard.

The QFR has a lot in common with the Corsair keyboards, including the Red switches, laser-etched and removable keycaps, and a disable-friendly Windows key. You might miss the number pad, but if you can get over the loss of the17 keys, the QFR is the best travel-friendly gaming keyboard you can buy today.

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