IFA 2008 - World's Most Expensive HiFi System Costs €780,000

If you have a record player that weighs 400 kg, think long and hard about where you want to set it up. Once you have, it’s about as easy to move as an ATM. However, the Clearaudio Statement needs to be this heavy to ensure that its pendulum-supported turntable is optimally aligned to the center of the Earth.

In the 110-seat auditorium, we were able to witness what happens when German trade journal AUDIO presents what aficionados have come to call the "WMEHS" - the world’s most expensive HiFi system. Visitors wanting to see a presentation should be prepared to wait in line - an hour or so is the norm. Enthusiasts should try secure seats in rows 5 to 7. According to the sound engineers, this is where you’ll be able to enjoy the sound to the fullest. Nonetheless, our expectation was once again confirmed - components designed for a 25m² living room have a hard time showing off their advantages in a 210m² expo studio.

This year, the KEF Muon speakers are the real eye-catchers - they look like an sculpture of a female body. The curves aren’t only for show, though - they are meant to prevent interference from internal sound reflections. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that they’re quite nice to look at as well...

In the following table you will find a selection of the impressive components AUDIO has chosen for this year’s system.

Component NamePrice
Speakers - KEF Muon and 207/2€130.000
Power Amplifier - McIntosh MC 2kW AC and MC 1.2kW AC€110.000
AV Pre-Amplifier Mark Levinson No. 502€28.000
Subwoofer - Velodyne DD 1812€14.000
Digital Stream Player - Linn Klimax DS€16.000
Record Player - Clearaudio Statement€105.000
Record Player - Transrotor Artus€118.000
Projector - SIM2 HT-5000 with projection screen Steward StudioTec€73.000

By the way, at "only" €630,000, last year’s system was almost a bargain by comparison.

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  • Conceptuweasel
    So the components add up to 594,000 Euros. I'm assuming the extra 186,000 went to power conditioning, cables, and racks? I know cables and power conditioning can make a huge difference so do you have any details? And it all probably doesn't matter if you don't set up the room perfectly, do some decent cable management, or maybe not put the monstrous record player directly in front of the speaker.