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Koss QZ-Pro

Noise Canceling Headphones

At $59.99, the QZ-Pros are definitely the lowest-priced model in our comparison. But don’t be fooled as Koss makes plenty of quality headphones, such as the Porta Pro. That’s why we were excited to test the QZ-Pro headphones to see if they could offer the same quality at a lower price.

Right away when you remove them from their packaging, you’ll instantly be disappointed by the assembly and the materials used. We’re very far from the standards of the market here. The quality of the plastics used are poor, including the very thin coating that surrounds the foam. Surely it will wear through very quickly when it rubs against three days of stubble, which can’t be good for the life of these headphones.

Not the best

Comfort isn’t a selling point with the Koss QZ-Pros either, which like the Creative earbuds, are very tight on the head. They become very uncomfortable after the better part of an hour. The disappointment continues, unfortunately, with the noise-canceling system, which absolutely doesn’t live up to our expectations and fares poorly compared to the other headphones in this review. Activate the system and you’ll definitely hear static.

Lastly, the sound quality is similarly far below the standards set by the competition –- and equally far below that of the Koss headphones we’re used to. The rendering of high notes just can’t compete. The whole ensemble is built to focus on the mid-range notes and the basses. In that way, they are reminiscent of the Porta Pro headphones from the same manufacturer, though their sound quality is a lot worse. It’s really a shame for Koss, which isn’t fooling anyone with this model.

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