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Sumo Titan Beanbag Chair

Gifts for Grads 2011
By , Rachel Rosmarin

We loved the Sway Couple that Sumo sent us for our Holiday Gift Guide, and the new double-wide Titan is no different.

At 70”x49”x36”, the Titan is certainly worthy of its name; it’s second only to the Gigantor, which measures in at 86”x60”x40”. The beanbag lounge can easily hold two average-sized adults in the seated position, making it the perfect addition to any game room, dorm room or bachelor/bachelorette pad. The Titan is also great for napping or lazy gamers, as it can fit most people (including my 6’2” tall self) lying down/sprawled out without much fuss. You will probably get some leg hang-off, much like a love seat or a recliner when sprawling out, but the beanbag is a very comfortable sitting/lounging experience regardless. This beanbag is the perfect console gaming chair, as it kept us at a perfect height in relation to our HDTV, all while providing plenty of support and comfort.

Speaking of love seats and other more “traditional” furniture, the Titan is – at the very worst – the same price as standard fabric armchair, and it’s sub-$400 pricetag is much less than any new love seat worth buying (Craigslist hunting aside). Not only are you getting a stylish yet comfortable piece of loungewear, but you’ll be saving some green by choosing the Titan over a chair or small couch.

Most high school and college grads aren’t the cleanest people you’ll ever meet, but you won’t have to worry about a messy roommate spilling salsa on your Titan. The fabric cover is easily removable as well as washable, so you can keep your Titan smelling lemony-fresh for years to come.

Like most of Sumo’s product line, the Titan is available in two fabric types (microsuede and corduroy), with eight total color choices. Shipping is free – something we really have to commend Sumo on, given the size of their products – and every lounge comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

$379 (Suede), $399 (Corduroy)

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