FujiFilm's FinePix S2000HD

FujiFilm has been one of the more durable names in digital photography for quite some time. Where others have come and gone, FujiFilm has maintained a place in the field for well over ten years. And in a continuation of that longevity, FujiFilm has now introduced the S2000HD camera. The new S2000HD presents the photographer with sufficient pixels to generate an 8 x 10 to 11 x 14 inch print, a zoom lens that will really reach out and touch someone and a compact size that will allow the photographer to forego any additional luggage or camera tote.

All you will really need is an extra SD or SDHC storage card to capture all the picture of your weekend adventure or the once-in-a-lifetime cruise you have been planning.

Unfortunately, you may have to bring along your laptop to take full advantage of all the S2000HD’s capabilities, but more about that later.

White house, captured at ISO 100. (See Into the Blue page)GretagMacbeth ColorChecker captured at ISO 100, Note the splotchy appearance in the various color squares. (See Sensitivity Training page)

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  • jsc
    I have an Olympus SP-570 with a 20X optical zoom. An optical zoom of 15X or greater is no big deal nowadays.
  • Anonymous
    I have an Olympus SP-570 too, it has more feautures than this Fuji, its very cool work with the SP-570, nice functions :) see the reviews.
  • Anonymous
    More info on the video recording capabilities of this camera would be helpful. There are several cameras on the market (including this one)that have the ability to shoot video at 1280x720, and I'm sure there are others that are considering this camera for that purpose alone.
  • zodiacfml
    i agree about HD video capabilities.
    next time i get a camera, it will be with 720p at least,HD recording.
    imagine videos of higher quality than video cameras of the same price with only the limitation of ultra long time recording which i don't use.
  • Anonymous
    I think it is best to leave Digital Camera reviews to professional sites like DPReview. These kind of surface skims do little to provide the consumer with the right tools to make an informed decision. There are many more important facets to getting the right fit when it comes to spilling out cash for the huge array of choices out there and a better educated consumer serves everyone's interest in the long run.
  • Anonymous
    I bought this camera and returned it. I could not stand the noise correction in iso 100-400. Also the auto (girlfriend) setting is unuseable since you never know what iso it will use, you might have less than desirable pictures. P is the only usable mode.
    The last thing, and to me it was the reason I returned it, if there is something very bright while youre taking an HD movie, in my case the sun reflecting on a car bumper, there is a blue spotted line from top to bottom of the video.
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