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Trend Micro PC-Cillin Internet Security Pro 2009: A Reasonable Option

2009 Anti-Virus Roundup

After we were disappointed last year by the Trend brand because of the high price of its software that did not correspond to the quality we expected, we saw that the developers rectified this problem with the release of the 2009 version.

A Beautiful
Interface… With Settings That Could Use Some Improvement

The aesthetics of this software’s interface are a real delight. Somber without being sad, the graphics here are particularly well done and access to the functions is clear and easy. The default settings are fine, but the absence of advanced, personalized settings may be a big handicap for advanced users.

This interface is very well done in both conception and practice. We also appreciated the possibility of being able to password protect our settings. Fortunately, the anti-virus software that comes with this pretty package is also very complete.

Undeniable Effectiveness

If you look at the difference between this year's and last year’s offering from Trend, one blatant improvement comes in the form of a very good-quality detection engine. On the other hand, once the threats have been identified, getting rid of them must be done manually after they have been contained in compressed files. This isn’t exactly the best way of going about it, but it’s not the end of the world, either. The resident protection is also quite good and uses the detection motor to the best of its abilities.

Indeed, in spite of the absence of an automatic scan and the detection of threats during the reading of files (not when folders are opened), the protection is effective against viruses that come from USB-connected and other external-storage devices. The neutralization procedure for contaminated email attachments allows them to be deleted while still leaving the email itself accessible.

Not Too Demanding On Your Computer

Despite a significant increase in time for Windows to start up (+69%) and a very long wait for the scan to finish (the longest that we found during our paid-for software test), Trend PC-Cillin affects relatively little on the rest of the system. Although the memory is incontestably used, it is consumed at a reasonable rate. Additionally, only one of the two cores of our processor was used, leaving the other available for the eventual utilization of other light programs at the same time.


Efficient, financially affordable, and pretty light on power, the Trend PC-Cillin 2009 should be very seriously considered. However, if you have a new computer with a processor that isn’t very powerful and you don’t want to compromise its safety without having to personalize a bunch of advanced settings, then this software should definitely be approached with caution.

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