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iPhone apps


Find the best new apps for your iPhone. We round up the best iPhone apps by category and help you find free apps to download.


Check out these 8 pregnancy apps that provide a wealth of tools and information for the expectant mother.


Looking to get in on Google's innovative Ingress AR game? Here are some tips to get started.

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picture story - JULY 14 1

Augmented Reality has gone from science fiction pipe dream to practical reality. Check out these eight impressive AR apps for Android and iOS devices

picture story - JULY 11 1

Plan out your vacation with these 15 holiday and travel applications!

news - JUNE 13 1

Despite its reputation, the iPhone's security isn't perfect. Here are five things you need to do to lock down your device.

reviews - JUNE 13 1

There's an app for everything, even for your cats and dogs. Whether you're looking for a tablet game for your cat, apps for logging your dog walks, or first aid apps for your pet, there's going to be something...

reviews - JUNE 9 2

Don't miss a moment of the FIFA World Cup Soccer in Brazil. And with these must-download apps you'll truly catch football fever.

picture story - JUNE 2 3

Whether you're looking to remotely manage your character's inventory, coordinate with your clan or guild, or are on the hunt for new mobile challenges, here are 9 of the best game companion apps.

picture story - MAY 22 1

Everyone's heard of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, but have you checked out these 8 off-beat social networks catering to everyone from bibliophiles, gamers, audiophiles and artists?

picture story - MAY 19 0

Whether you're a student looking for extra educational resources, a knowledge-hungry geek or a professional looking to pick up a practical new skill or specialization, here are nine helpful online learning...

picture story - MAY 15 0

Gmail and Outlook don't have the market cornered on the best features of email. Third-party apps can help clean things up. Check out eight of our favorite mobile email apps.

picture story - MAY 9 2

The post-Snowden age has seen a growing awareness about online privacy, as well as an explosion of interest in mobile privacy and security apps for everything from communication, to anonymized browsing, to even...

picture story - MAY 8 1

Never pay full price with these coupon, loyalty card and reward apps.

picture story - MAY 7 0

From news readers to photography, utilities to games, here are 15 of the best iOS exclusive apps in the App Store.

picture story - MAY 1 0

As Better Sleep Month rolls in this May, check out this collection of apps from sleep trackers, sleep therapy apps and lucid dreaming tools to help you get a restful night's sleep and ready for the next day.

picture story - APRIL 21 0

It's easy to smell Spring in the air...unless you've got a stuffy nose and trouble breathing due to pollen allergies. Check out our favorite allergy apps below.

picture story - APRIL 16 1

Religions and worshippers of all stripes are embracing the digital age through apps. Here are 8 great apps to help you nourish your soul.

reviews - APRIL 15 0

This fetal Doppler smartphone accessory can record your baby's heartbeat, but using it takes a bit of patience.

picture story - APRIL 4 0

Spritz isn't the only speed reading app out there. Check out 10 speed reading apps for iOS and Android.

picture story - MARCH 20 5

Check out 7 of the best mobile password generators for keeping track of your logins, passwords, and other personal details when on the go.

picture story - MARCH 10 0

Unleash your inner trivia geek with 10 of the best trivia games for mobile devices.

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