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Need to unlock my UK V3

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March 21, 2006 10:17:01 PM

Hello to all and sundry out there! First, i'd like to say, great site, will spend some time here me thinks.
I have recently been chucked out of the UK for overstaying my visa, I have two kids there but being Canadian and a Dad to UK children cuts no slack with UK Immigration, the heartless bastards!

I have a Motorola V3 Razr, and just spent $25 on a sim card from Rogers, as well as $10 to activate it. It now seems that my UK phone is locked, foolish me. Can't even call my kids to tell them I got here ok:( 
If anyone can help me figure out how to unlock the bloody thing I would greatly appreciate it. The network provider I had was Orange UK, and now that I have paid up the end of my contract, they don't wanna know me. Any help at all would be grand.

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March 22, 2006 4:57:50 PM

Hi Sinbad,

The best way to go about unlocking your phone is to use software and a USB cable. If you're willing to pay $25, you can use some of the commercial software. The advantage to this is that they guarantee the unlock, and the software is quite easy to use. have a pretty good service, here is the link:

Unlock V3

There is a free software for unlocking the RAZR available, but it's a little hard to use, and not compatible with all the firmwares. Since it is a little rough around the edges, I wouldn't personally use it on a $200 phone. But if you are interested, just do a search in Google and you can find it quite easily.

Finally, you can take your phone to an unlocking shop if there are any near you and get it unlocked there.

I hope this information helps...

Best Regards,

March 23, 2006 5:41:27 PM

Cheers pal, I did some searching after my above post (lame ,I know, should've done the work meself :oops:  ) and I realize a lot of these places require a fee, a download, and a cable; which got left behind when Immigration came a knocking at 6 am. I can sync the mobile with my laptop, but through bluetooth. I don't think this would be wise as these programs require a bit of time and the bluetooth sucks battery too, so the phone would probably die before it could complete the operation. If indeed it could be done without a cable. On the flip side, cables are fairly cheap on ebay.
I guess I was hoping for a quick, easy and cheap solution. I may have a shop around to see if anyone can do it in the downtown Ottawa area, if not, I'll probably have to get a cable on ebay, wait for it, then get the unlock software, and do it myself.

Thanks Sina, for the info, 'twas a help

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March 23, 2006 6:24:41 PM

No problem Sinbad, I'm glad to help. None of the unlocking softwares support bluetooth, since you can't reprogram a phone over bluetooth. But the cables for RAZR phones are just the normal mini-USB cables that you can find almost anywhere that sells anything vaguely technology-related, and they are usually quite cheap. If you have a digital camera the same cable from that might work as well...

March 23, 2006 6:32:41 PM

Cheers again pal! I'm looking into it now, ebay have them in the US for $.99, but shipping is $12.99 !!!! Didn't think of the camera option tho, will check that out.
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