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Best of the used PDA market

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November 1, 2009 12:05:16 PM

Hi all, visiting from the homebuilt section.

I'm one of those guys that doesn't need the latest and greatest, just as long as my needs are met. I'm finally to the point where a pen and paper can't cut it. :lol:  Actually, I've been using a Casio BE-300 on and off for the last 7 years and its nothing more than a paperweight on the desk now. So I'm looking for something to replace it. With the research I've done to this point, I see the writing on the wall and that virtually all the palmtop market is being devoured by the smartphones. But, I be poor and can barely afford my $25/mo pre-paid cell bill let alone a data plan.

What I'm looking for is a little more guidance as to used PDAs to consider. Both in general as far as the OS they run and specific models if you have one you've used and can recommend. I see Win Mobile 6 and 7 are planned to be supported though 1015, but that may change with things like android getting off the ground. Will android be making its way to older PDAs not connected to a wireless carrier? Or is Win Mobile 6.51 the best I can hope for?

As for a specific unit, wifi and access to a decent app library is required. I'd love it if I could sync this to google or yahoo instead of having to use outlook. Something that can have GPS functionality would be nice. There's a Dell Axim x51v with the pharos GPS sync cord setup and 2gb SD card for $80 in my local classifieds. If I had a better handle on where the market stands, I'd know if I should jump on this or not, but I've only recently started my research. Is this something to grab or is there a far better product out there for the cost? $80 is over what I was hoping to spend, but I can justify it with the GPS gear.

Hoping the voice of the experienced can help me out,

Thanks for your time,

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November 2, 2009 5:03:34 AM

Dell Axim x51v was a great device of its time,its good now too but it doesn't let u upgrade to newer Winmo like 6.5,if you only need a PDA and not a PDA phone then its hard to chose a good PDA phone,are you interested in a PDA phone too ?
November 2, 2009 10:27:05 AM

Hey Maziar,
If there was an unlocked phone out there with good PDA functions and 802.11 wifi, I'd consider it, but I'm thinking I'll just be getting a stand alone PDA.

I know unofficial ports of wm 6.0 are out there for this axim and 6.5 is in beta (Lenny) I read. There are also android projects I've found since my first post for the axim. If its a good unit still and appears to have open source support, then I might go for it. For $80 with the GPS and SD card, I think I'll give it a try. If I don't like it, I should still be able to sell it to get my money back.

In your moderating opinion, is the axim x51v worth the $80 with accessories?
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November 2, 2009 12:39:27 PM

Well as you said they are unofficial but yes its good that they are available for this good PDA phone,and for $80 its definitely worth it
November 7, 2009 5:03:04 PM

Thanks for the help Maziar. I decided against spending anything right now as the money isn't there. If there's a $20 or less used option for the basic list, net, and goggle or yahoo sync out there, might consider it. But that will be research for another time.

I should be outside raking up leaves right now.
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