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Duplicate SMS Text being sent

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September 10, 2009 7:41:13 PM

I have a Samsung Omnia with Orange

Since i took out the 18mth contract i have been getting a steady flow of comments from my SMS recipients. They are getting the same SMS twice. This duplication doesn’t always happen. however over the past 9 months i have noticed a pattern. I send a SMS, the recipient replies, and seconds later the recipient receives a duplicate of my original sms. I don’t get a message sent notification and there isn’t a second text showing in my sent folder. So unless the recipient tells me about it i have no idea that a duplicate has been sent. Orange have not resolved the problem, first claiming i am not being charged for the duplicate, then blaming other networks, and finally claiming i am just sending two by mistake. I started making a note of all texts i send and comparing to my bill. Well I am being charged. I have also given orange a range of different examples of varying recipients on varying networks whom which this duplicate nuisance happens. But nearly a year on they have not resolved a thing. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you

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September 28, 2009 12:45:43 PM

My wife also has the same problem with her Orange mobile on a 18 month contract. When I receive texts from her to my O2 mobile I get 2 texts. This happens nearly every time. The signal is so poor in the area where we live and that seems to be when it happens. If she is sending a text outside of the area then I only get 1 text.

I have reported this to Orange and I am waiting for a call back. Customer services said it may have something to do with the phone not having orange software on it. Phone was purchased through phones 4u.

I also get duplicate texts from another member of the family and also another friend who is on Orange. The common link is that the signal in the area is up and down like a yoyo where we all live.

I read on another post that when a text is sent the receiver confirms that it received the text which if it does not receive that it will continue to keep sending the text.

I am fed up with companies selling products knowing that you live in an area with a bad signal. I know we could return the mobile with in x number of days but it was not such an issue then as it is now as my wife depends on the phone for the local school to contact her in an emergency.

I would be interested in anyone else who has had this problem because I think there are thousands of people out there with this problem but no network wants to resolve it because they can't or won't sort out the these area's with weak signals.

Thank you
November 18, 2009 1:23:45 PM

i too have omnia on orange and have the same problem.

Orange suggested it could be the Message Centre, however they dont know what to do to resolve the issue...
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