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Best wired iphone headset 2010

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January 13, 2010 4:24:05 PM

I use my iPhone 3GS as my primary work phone, but like listening to music also.

I'm not an audiophile, and I thought the included Apple headset sounded ok, but they hurt my ears and were always falling out.

I replaced them with vmoda FAZE noise isolating headsetand was truly disappointed - as the included Apple headset sounded so much better.

I want a headset that sounds good, has a good mike for working the phone, and that I can keep in my ears for 5 hours a day.

I'd like to keep the price below $200 -$250. Any suggestions?

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January 14, 2010 1:48:55 AM

Wow, $250 is a lot for a headset!

I'm not familiar with iPhone accessories. However, you can try checking out the Apple store. They offer accessories with their products, including the iPhone, and I'm pretty sure Apple wouldn't offer craptacular items, would they?
January 14, 2010 8:01:41 PM

You're right about $250 being a lot for a headset... You can get amazing sound with Klipsch S4i's for $99.

I followed your line of logic and took my wife with me to the nearest Apple store and bought 2 different headsets.

I bought the Apple $79 In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic; my wife bought a $99 set of Klipsch S4i's.
I have an iPhone 3GS and she has an iPhone 3G

My wife is a concert violinist and has managed a symphony orchestra and a philharmonic. She has a keen ear for sound.
I ran heavy equipment, and rode Triumphs and Harley's for years. I've lost some ability to hear higher notes.

I spend hours each week on conference calls; and then more phone time talking with clients. I got the iPhone as a present, and was listening to music when a call came in. I was amazed at how much better I could hear and understand what was being said with the stock earbuds that came with iPhone ... especially when compared to my Blue Ant VI bluetooth headset. But the iPhones stock earbuds really are uncomfortable to me. After an hour long phone conference I was hurting.

Anyways- my recommendation to anyone who wants to hear incredible sound from their music and still have a really good working phone mike for work or general conversation is the Klipsch S4i's.

My wife and I tested these and we both agree. The sound difference is truly substantial.

The Apple's headset sounded good to me. I was impressed, as was my wife. Lots of compliments from friends on how clear I sounded on the phone also. They are a big improvement over the earbuds that ship with the iPhone.

But the Klipsch S4i's sound MUCH better than the Apple.
The with the S4i's I could hear things "clearly" in music that I could only hear so-so (and sometimes not at all) with the Apple's.

The S4i's mike sounds great on phone calls according to my friends.
The microphone and controller of the S4i's are easier to find and use than the Apples. The controller is bigger and is centered below your chin, instead of along the wire going into the right ear like the Apples. If you are wearing gloves this makes a big difference!

The controls on the Klipsch blow the Apples control away. Far Superior
The Apple controller just didn't work that great. Very hard to skip back one track by using it.
The Klipsh controller is perfect and works the way the Apple's are supposed to work.

(You have to have a 3GS to use them, they won't work on my wife's 3G. Even so she's keeping the Klipsh for the incredible sound)

For just $20 dollars more than the Apple's - I strongly recommend the S4i's to anyone who uses their iPhone for both work and entertainment.

The S4i's are comfortable also, I had them in for 4 hours today, and barely noticed them.
I had to give them back to my wife when she was going to her workout...bummer.

I'm returning the Apples and getting the S4i's!
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