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July 8, 2010 2:41:54 PM


I'm pondering my new phone - it will be a smartphone - and of course the iPhone features high on the list of contenders. My biggest issue with it concerns iTunes and I want to make sure I’m not working from a misconception of its functionality…

My understanding is that once you’ve registered your iPhone with iTunes on one PC, you cannot sync that iPhone with any other PC (or other device) – is this true? I use several PCs at home and at work and among the things I’d like from my smartphone is the ability to use it as a portable hard-disk and to be able to up- and down-load music and other data at work *and* and home. Is this possible?

Cheers - Adam...

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July 8, 2010 6:02:06 PM

Through certain apps you can use your iphone like a hard drive. Once you sync with your computer yes you cannot sync with another comp, unless you want to overwrite the music.... you keep you apps and contacts and even ur calendar. I sync my iphone probably once ever two or three weeks. My calendar gets updated over the web, same with my contacts. Hope this helps.

Smart phone technology is well on its way to be individual computers, without any syncing of any sort to work, but it is not their yet. Hope you choose an iphone, great technology.
July 9, 2010 9:06:59 AM

Hi Tank,

Thanks for the response. I agree that the iPhone is a bit of a technological marvel - everyone else seems to be trying to catch up all the time. That restriction is the killer for me, though...
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